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Expatriation Policies

mobility solutions service for companies and expat: expatriation policies

In a context of economic globalization, companies are choosing to expand their business beyond our borders in order to take advantage of investment opportunities abroad. Companies need to know that developing a good expatriation policy is essential to achieving the following objectives:

  • Having an integrated document that contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategy, and optimizes the costs associated with the postings.
  • Ensuring a degree of consistency and unification of the criteria applied in managing all international assignments of employees.
  • Covering the expatriate in relation to expatriation issues.
  • Ensuring compliance with the company’s legal and tax obligations.

At GD Global Mobility, we are experts in developing “framework” policies that allow your company to save costs, avoid potential conflicts and promote an international culture of high added value in a new international environment. If you want to guarantee an adequate expatriation policy, do not hesitate to consult our services in more detail:

  • Preparation of the Corporate Expatriation Handbook
  • Remuneration Plan Optimization
  • Preparation of the Expatriation Letter
  • Comparison of the Legal Framework

Contact us and request information with no obligation.

GD Global MObility: We help you with an expat policies service
políticas de expatriación - expatriation policies