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Expatriation Policies

International immigration policy

At GD Global Mobility we are experts Spanish immigration lawyers in creating corporate expatriation policies that set a clear roadmap for international professional mobility processes, and establish criteria for fairness and transparency, thus facilitating cost savings and avoiding potential conflicts.

Expatriation Policies

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We offer specialized 2x 360° advice on international mobility both at origin and at destination, in the areas of immigration, tax, labor and Social Security and adequate legal planning for international teleworkers.

In a context of economic globalization, companies are choosing to expand their businesses beyond our borders with the objective of taking advantage of investment opportunities abroad.

global mobility Our expatriation and posting of workers policy services include:

  • Establishment of a mobility protocol based on criteria of fairness and transparency, which incorporates all the agents concerned and establishes containment and cost quantification measures.
  • Determination of compensation criteria that are quickly identifiable by professionals.
  • Tax planning prior to posting the worker according to tax optimization criteria in Spain.
  • Analysis of the fiscal implications arising from postings.
  • Continued fiscal advice during the period of the posting.
  • Preparation and presentation to the tax authorities of the corresponding tax returns.
  • Labor advice to determine the applicable legal framework.
  • Preparation of assignment letters.
  • Assistance, representation and defense before authorities and courts.
  • Processing of the return stage.

global mobility Benefits of having policies for workers posted abroad

Companies need to know that the development of an appropriate expatriation policy is essential to achieve the following objectives:

  • Having available an integrated document that contributes to the achievement of company strategy and optimizes the costs associated with postings.
  • Ensuring a certain consistency and unification of the criteria applied when managing all international employee assignments.
  • Providing cover for the worker in relation to issues arising from postings.
  • Ensuring compliance with the legal and fiscal obligations of the company.

GD Global Mobility are international mobility experts and we understand the importance of adequate legal planning for international teleworkers, which guarantees correct compliance with legal and tax obligations, and at the same time takes advantage of the different fiscal optimization tools offered by legislation in each country in order to reduce costs.

If you wish to ensure proper establishment of criteria, do not hesitate to consult our services.

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