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At GD Global Mobility we can analyze and plan the impact of posting workers on Social Security. One of the most frequent concerns of workers posted abroad is knowing precisely what impact their move will generate on future tax benefits.

International Social Security

These aspects are not sufficiently considered by organizations, which often limit their analysis to the mere presentation of a TA300. Since this communication is requisite in many cases, it is essential to take into account that each bilateral agreement is different and may establish distinct coverage and contribution criteria, and that it is precisely the existence of a bilateral agreement that may result in greater loss to the professional posted abroad with regards to future tax benefits. 

In short, labor and expat Social Security aspects should not be approached merely from a compliance point of view, but analyzed in detail and in context. 

We have specialists in this area that ensure a comprehensive analysis of the coverage established by bilateral agreements, coordination between the legislation in the origin and destination, and who look at the possibility of establishing special agreements, all of which are aspects to be taken into account in order to guarantee the social rights of workers on international assignment.

Impact of postings on pension

In this sense, it is critical to determine the applicable legislation and the obligations that arise from it, the coverage for workers posted abroad, both in immediate benefits and in health coverage, the economic benefits arising from illness or occupational accident, and future benefits for retirement.

Social security advisors We can help you with International Social Security with:

  • Social Security of workers posted abroad within the framework of the European Union.
  • Social Security of workers posted to non-EU countries: Bilateral Social Security Agreements signed by Spain.
  • Social Security of workers posted to Latin American States: Latin American Multilateral Agreement.
  • Social Security of workers posted to non-EU countries and without international instruments concerning Social Security.

Our approach is very practical, and our international network allows us to carry out coordinated management of the relevant steps, both in the country of origin and in the destination. 

If you are looking for advice on expat Social Security and working conditions for expatriated workers, contact us with no obligation.


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