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About Us


GD Global Mobility is the division of Gesdocument specialized in international mobility.

We are a leading consultancy in our target markets, specializing in global advisory services, management and consulting for small and medium-sized companies, present throughout Spain. What makes us different is the quality and scope of our services, our solvency, and fully integrated technology that lets us work with and for our clients with total security and flexibility. We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Zaragoza and our goal to provide a unified service across Spain is now a reality.

Our team of over 173 professional consultants has extensive experience in our business management fields, with a high level of specialization, ample international representation, and our proprietary technology, enabling us to:

  • Build a strong relationship with the client, with the confidence that we can overcome any challenge our clients present us with.
  • Offer a unique, differentiated service.
  • Answer the questions that others cannot.
  • Love what we do, and what our clients do.


We are committed to innovation in our sector. For example, we are committed to developing our own technological tools to facilitate communication and access to information for our clients, always with data security as a priority.

We can attend to you at our five Spanish offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Zaragoza, and we also have international coverage as members of Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) Global, one of the world’s largest professional associations.





global mobility solutions office



Trámite de permisos de trabajo para trabajadores desplazados

Expatriación de trabajadores. Servicios para expatriados

Trámites extranjería para trabajadores desplazados

Tramitación de la Golden Visa Spain para inversores

Gestión de la fiscalidad internacional y fiscalidad de expatriados

Asesoramiento en Seguridad Social internacional convenios especiales

Movilidad internacional para empresas

Oficina extranjería Madrid y Barcelona

Oficina de extranjería. Trámites de extranjería

Asesoramiento en convenios especiales de la Seguridad Social

Servicio de asesoramiento en convenios doble imposición

Abogados de extranjería para movilidad internacional


The scope of our services means we can specialize in consultancy for small and medium-sized companies. As an illustration, these are a few of our satisfied clients.

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