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Who are we?

At GD Global Mobility, we work every day to successfully solve our clients’ mobility processes. With more than 15 years of experience managing international assignments, we have in-depth knowledge of the legislation and administrative procedures.

A multicultural and multilingual team works together to ensure that each situation has the best solution, always from a global perspective.

GD Global Mobility is the division of Gesdocument specialized in global mobility.

At Gesdocument, we are the leading consulting firm in Spain. We can attend to you at our five Spanish offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Zaragoza.

We bring a new focus marked by two axes: a commitment to technology, innovating with our own technological solutions, and the specialization of the service, reflected in our six business divisions.

Our team of over 200 professional consultants has extensive experience in our business management fields, with a high level of specialization, ample international representation, and our proprietary technology.


Meet our team

Why us?

360º Services, absence of borders through Leading Edge Alliance and EuRA

GD Global Mobility is a member of LEA and EuRA, international networks of offices dedicated to tax, legal, and migration advice which allows us to plan and manage the international mobility processes in the different areas involved (tax, immigration, legal, and social security), harmonizing the legislation of Spain and any country in the world.

Each assignment corresponds to specific needs and, therefore, for us, each is unique.

First, we analyze the goal of each assignment and, as a result, we determine a specific and optimal solution for both the seconded employee and the organization seconding the employee abroad.


Some clients

The scope of our services means we can specialize in consultancy for small and medium-sized companies. As an illustration, these are a few of our satisfied clients.


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