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Comparison of the Legal Framework

mobility solutions service for companies and expat: Legal framework comparison

International mobility policies are often presented with a legal issue, resulting from the coexistence of the legal systems involved. However, is this an issue or an opportunity?

In order to anticipate these issues, all matters affecting the international mobility of workers must be considered in an integrated manner, ensuring compliance with the regulations established by each legislation. To do this, we must be familiar with immigration processes, legal and labor regulations, and applicable tax regulations; not to mention Social Security, and risk prevention, among others. The key to this is to be familiar with the legislation in the origin and destination – a difficult task that is not easy for everyone to achieve.

In this regard, our service is unique in turning this issue into an opportunity. Our experience and international network allows us to ensure a sound knowledge of the legal frameworks involved, from a global perspective. This means that the expected result is a correct application of the legal provisions in the home and host country.

At GD Global Mobility we provide opportunities, where others can only see issues. We make expatriation processes a reality in order to provide the required legal security.

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Comparativa del marco legal - legal framework comparison