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Comparison of the Legal Framework

Immigration law firm in Spain

If you wish to start an expatriation process, at GD Global Mobility we can advise you on everything related to the legislation of the country of origin and of destination, ensuring compliance with legal obligations in both jurisdictions.

Legal Framework

To achieve this, knowledge and harmonization of the immigration processes and the applicable legal, labor and fiscal regulations is essential, without forgetting the future impact of Social Security benefits or the fulfillment of obligations determined by the prevention of occupational risks, among others.

global mobility A problem or an opportunity?

To anticipate this, all matters that affect the international mobility of workers must be considered as a whole by integrating both legislations, thereby ensuring overall regulatory compliance

At this point our service focuses on transforming this problem into an opportunity. Our experience and international network provides us with in-depth knowledge of the legal frameworks involved, from a global perspective, so the expected result is a correct application of the legal provisions in the home and host country.

Contact with our Spain immigration lawyers and we will make international mobility management easier for you.

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Spanish immigration lawyers: International legal framework

Comparison of the Legal Framework