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GD Global Mobility is the division of Gesdocument, specialized in advising and managing international mobility. For more than 15 years we have been advising companies, individuals and investors.

Relocation companies and mobility solutions

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Comprehensive Expatriate Management

Tax Advice

Investor Visa

Work and Residence Permit

Legal Advice

International work permits procedures

International Work Permits

International work permits for expats

We have extensive experience and an international network that we put at your service, to offer you a 360º service in travel.

International Work Permits
Processing of work permits in Spain. Foreign Office

Work Permits in Spain

Work permits in Spain for relocation companies

We are specialists who can successfully solve all the mobility processes of our clients.

Work Permits in Spain
expatriation policies - relocation company - mobility solutions

Expatriation Policies

Expatriation policies services. Offices in Madrid and Barcelona

We are experts in the development of policies that allow your company to save costs, avoiding possible potential conflicts.

Expatriation Policies
taxation for expatriates - expat - mobility solutions

Expatriate Taxation

Taxation for expatriates and tax obligation. Relocation companies

We help your company and its workers who, in the framework of the internationalization process, are being expatriated or impatriated, to gain legal security by helping them determine and comply with their tax obligations

Expatriate Taxation
international social security - expat - mobility solutions

International Social Security

International Social Security services. Bilateral agreements

Our projects have an exhaustive analysis of the coverage established by the bilateral agreements, the coordination between the legislation of origin and destination, and the possibility of establishing special agreements with the Social Security.

International Social Security
golden visa spain investor - relocation companies - mobility solutions

Golden Visa

Golden visa spain for residence permit

From GD Global Mobility we offer a comprehensive management of the investor visa (Golden Visa). This visa allows you to reside in Spain, and with it access the entire Schengen area.

Visa for investor

Mobility solutions

Golden Visa