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New reality in the contribution system for posted workers: avoiding disengagement with Spanish social security

14 November 2023

We talk about the new reality in the contribution system for posted workers: avoiding disconnection from Spanish social security.


EU Blue Card: requirements and renewal

01 August 2023

Do you know what the EU Blue Card is? It’s a residence and work permit that allows you to live and work legally throughout the EU.


Residence and work permit for employees in Spain

05 July 2023

Looking to hire foreign workers and need help? This Guide offers extensive details on this permit.

Possible elimination Golden Visa for Spain

The Truth About the Possible “Elimination” of the Golden Visa for Spain

18 May 2023

In this post we analyze the Bill that aims to modify the Residence and Work Authorization for Investors and their families (Golden Visa)


Changes in residence permits for foreign students

11 May 2023

Modification of the initial permits of stay for higher studies whose duration extends beyond an academic year

The Limited Liability Company and the Public Limited Company in Spain

The Limited Liability Company and the Public Limited Company in Spain

11 May 2023

What are the main differences between a Limited Company and a Public Limited Company? Which one suits your business needs?


Best and worst cities for expats in 2022

01 May 2023

We give an account of a report by Expat Insider listing the best (and worst) countries for expats in 2022


Spain, the destination chosen by many digital nomads

18 April 2023

Digital nomads are a group of professionals who work remotely while traveling around the country. Why is Spain a good destination?

income taxation-from-another-country

Taxation of earned revenue for a company from another country (teleworking)

03 April 2023

We analyze a consultation to the Directorate-General for Taxation (DGT) on the taxation of earned revenue for a company from…


Golden Visa in Spain: Investment in a Business Project

20 March 2023

In this post we talk about acquiring the Golden Visa through investment in a business project of general interest in Spain

Golden Visa in Spain: Investment in financial assets

Golden Visa in Spain: Investment in financial assets

07 March 2023

Investing in financial assets is one of the ways in which you can abtain the Golden Visa in Spain. Here we talk about the key points.

Madrid: income tax deduction for investments by non-residents

Madrid: income tax deduction for investments by non-residents

24 February 2023

The Community of Madrid has announced a 20% deduction in IRPF (income tax) for non-resident foreign investors

residence visa real estate inverstors spain

Residence Visa for Real Estate Investors in Spain

13 February 2023

In this post we talk about the most common investment case that gives the right to apply for the Golden Visa in Spain: investment in real estate | Complete…

visa digital nomads spain

What should you know about the visa for digital nomads in Spain?

17 January 2023

In this post we tell you the key requirements for applying for the digital nomad visa and the key points to be able to successfully acquire it.

beckham law spain

Special tax scheme applicable to persons posted to Spanish territory

29 December 2022

In this post you can find information about the Spanish special tax regime for impatriates. Do you want to apply the Beckham Law to your earnings? We can…

Procedure applying Golden Visa Spain

Procedure for applying for the Golden Visa in Spain

15 December 2022

The investor visa is intended for non-resident foreigners in the EU. It can also be obtained if the investor is already in Spain


Teleworking Spain United Kingdom Taxation

Teleworking from Spain to the UK: Taxation and Case Study

02 December 2022

What does the General Directorate for Taxation say? We analyze this situation using the binding consultation V1162-22, of May 26, 2022 as a reference

social security eu non impact policy june 2023

Social Security: EU Non-Impact Policy Extended until June 2023

24 November 2022

Subject to changing circumstances, employees may continue to telework from home without affecting social security

non residents pay taxes property spain

How much do non-residents pay in taxes if they own property in Spain?

18 November 2022

In this post we  explain the basic concepts to avoid any surprises or problems with the Tax Agency

Golden Visa Spain

Golden Visa in Spain | Advantages and Requirements

07 November 2022

In this post we tell you how to get the Residence Permit for Investors (Golden Visa): requirements, questions, and answers to your doubts.

Temporary residence permit cooperation authorities

Temporary residence permit due to cooperation with the authorities

25 October 2022

Here we are talking about a residence permit due to exceptional circumstances of cooperation with authorities, reasons of national security, or public…

social roots Spain

Residence due to having social roots in Spain

05 October 2022

In this post we tell you what a foreigner needs to do to successfully obtain a social ties residence permit. Do you know the characteristics?

EU registration certificate spain

EU Registration Certificate in Spain: key points

27 September 2022

Are you a Community citizen and want to live in Spain indefinitely? This post about the EU Citizen Registration Certificate will be of interest to you

labor arraigo spain

Labor arraigo in Spain: requirements and keys

20 September 2022

Do you know about the labor arraigo in Spain? We tell you what it consists of and the requirements that need to be met to apply for it.

Difference Between NIE Residence Permit Spain

The Difference Between an NIE and a Residence Permit in Spain

07 September 2022

The NIE is different from the TIE. Nor is it the same as being a legal resident in Spain. Check out our post where we explain the different possible…

faqs golden visa spain

FAQs about the Golden Visa in Spain

29 August 2022

On the occasion of the webinar organized by Destiny Real Estate, we have compiled a list of questions posed to Jordi Roca, director of GD Global Mobility.…

representative office spain

Representative office in Spain

11 August 2022

In this post we deal specifically with the figure of the representative office, a viable option for developing business in Spain

eu citizen need residence permit spain

Does an EU Citizen Need a Residence Permit in Spain?

02 August 2022

Community citizens or nationals of countries belonging to the Agreement on the European Economic Area do not need a residence permit

Taxation of cross-border teleworkers and their employers

Taxation of cross-border teleworkers and their employers

19 July 2022

The European Economic an Social Committee has adopted some conclusions and recommendations in order to establish taxation rules regarding cross-border…

Representative Office in Spain

How to Create a Representative Office in Spain

07 July 2022

Do you want to do business in Spain? Setting up a representative office can be a good option to start with.