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How to Obtain a Visa for Spain From the US?
How to Get a Visa for Spain From the US?
08 August

Content Short-stay visa request You must be in possession of Should you be considering a stay in Spain longer than 90 days? General

How can you receive a state pension in Spain after working abroad?
How Can you Receive a State Pension in Spain After Working Abroad?
25 July

Many people plan to move to Spain when they retire , whether because of its climate or quality of life or because of family ties. However, not all cases are

How do you pay Social Security contributions in Spain when working abroad?
How do you Pay Social Security Contributions in Spain when Working Abroad?
19 July

If you have to transfer professionals abroad to work, you may be wondering where this leaves you with your Social Security contributions. As you know, these

How to reduce the waiting time for Spanish nationality
How to Reduce the Waiting Time for Spanish Nationality
18 July

To be able to shorten the delay at the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries [Dirección General de los Registros y el Notariado], the body responsible

Tax residence in Spain: How do you prove it?
Tax Residence in Spain: How Do you Prove it?
12 April

According to Spanish law, an individual is resident in Spain if they remain in the country for more than 183 days in the calendar year, or if their principal

Agreement to create a European Labor Authority
Agreement to Create a European Labor Authority
12 April

Although President Juncker announced the establishment of a European Labor Authority in September 2017, it was not until March last year that the legislative

Key tax issues in international mobility of workers
Key Tax Issues in International Mobility of Workers
11 April

There is a misconception that globalization only affects large corporations. But globalization is actually a crucial factor for all companies, including SMEs.

Spanish Government Contingency Plan in the event of a no-deal Brexit
Spanish Government Contingency Plan in the Event of a no-deal Brexit
11 April

Discover the main implications Brexit will have for you or your employees, focusing on immigration, Social Security, public health care, and professional

Right to Family Benefits for Children in the EU
Right to Family Benefits for Children in the EU
04 April

Under EU law, a person need not work as an employed person in a Member State in order to be entitled to family benefits for his children living in another

How Brexit will affect Spanish companies
How Brexit will Affect Spanish Companies
01 February

While we await news of a negotiated UK withdrawal from the European Union, there is a palpable degree of concern and legal uncertainty about what possible

Social Security Aspects of International Postings
Social Security Aspects of International Postings
28 November

The current economic situation has meant that many companies have had to seek new opportunities in international markets, facing the challenge of defining

The Hazy Issue of Telework Taxation
The Hazy Issue of Telework Taxation
30 July

Today, in the midst of the digital era, it is not uncommon for our human capital to be hired by non-resident entities to “telework” from Spain. But what are