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Preparation of the Expatriation Letter

We write your expatriate contract. Spanish immigration service

Once the remuneration and benefits policies have been designed for an international posting, we can help you translate them into expatriation letters, to give legal certainty and protect the interests of both the company and the worker.

Expatriation Letter

A correct expatriation letter is a key document to properly structure an expatriation, as it provides legal security to both parties and anticipates and safeguards any situation beforehand.

More often than not, this requirement is not dealt with rigorously enough, so that it can become more a source of trouble than a solution to problems.

global mobility What elements the expatriation letter should contain

  • Description of salary conditions: form of remuneration, base salary and expatriation supplement
  • Type of contract: Spanish or local
  • Health, family or welfare benefits
  • Social benefits, housing assistance or children's schooling
  • Duration of expatriation

Our experience is that a good expatriation letter can avoid creating insecurity and fear for the worker who wishes to be an expatriate, as well as the conflicts that could arise between company and worker.

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Spain immigration service. We write your expat contract

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