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Preparation of the Expatriation Letter

mobility solutions service for companies and expat: drafting the expatriation letter

A correctly drafted expatriation letter is the most important document for expatriation, as it provides legal security for both parties and allows for the anticipation and guarantees of any situation. More often than not, this requirement is not applied rigorously enough, and in this sense it can be more of a source of inconvenience than a solution.

We have learned from our experience that a good expatriation letter can avoid creating insecurities and fears for the worker who wants to be an expatriate, and ultimately points of conflict between the company and worker.

This is highly necessary, and at GD Global Mobility we put our knowledge and experience at your service. Through the advice of our team, we will help you prepare the best assignment or posting letters to protect the interests of the company and the employee, to ensure that the posting is a success.

Contact us and request information with no obligation.

GD Global Mobility: We help you with an expat policies service
Confección de la carta de expatriación - drafting the expatriation letter