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Preparation of the Corporate Expatriate Handbook

Professional immigration services: Expat policy manual

At GD Global Mobility we can help you implement an expatriation manual at the beginning of the international expansion of your company that responds to each type of assignment, profile and destination. 

Corporate Expatriate Handbook

To do this, we will analyze the situation of the company, weighing the balance between its specific objectives and the management of postings. We will review the legal and fiscal scheme of the postings in the countries in which the company expands its activity.

With all this information, we will prepare an integrated document that promotes harmony between the objectives of the company and the costs associated with the postings.

Expat guide Key aspects in designing an appropriate expatriate handbook

The expatriation policy should serve to establish a remuneration and benefits policy for workers posted abroad that is understandable and perceived as fair by professionals. In this sense, it is necessary to determine the implications of the international assignment on the career of the worker posted abroad, clearly indicating the conditions of the worker's return, once the expatriation period has ended.

It is also essential to determine the logistical aspects of the process, such as the expenses of moving the worker, family members and belongings, housing, vehicle availability and language courses.

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