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Preparation of the Corporate Expatriation Handbook

Expat policy manual

Preparing a corporate expatriation handbook is a necessary step for a company that is beginning a process of international human capital expansion.

Developing a good expatriation policy aimed at:

  • Analyzing the company’s situation, focusing on the company’s specific objectives in its international expansion strategy, and the review of posting management.
  • Reviewing the legal and tax scheme for postings in the countries in which the company operates.
  • Preparing an integrated document that contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategy, and optimizes the costs associated with the postings.

On this basis, the following are some of the most relevant issues when it comes to designing an expatriation policy:

  • The expatriation policy should serve to establish a remuneration and benefit policy for posted staff.
  • The implications of the international assignment on the career of the posted worker need to be determined, with the conditions of return being determined very carefully.
  • The basic principles of clarity, transparency, and homogeneity must be established (so that they can be applied to any employee).
  • It is very important to determine the standard actions, in the tax, labor, social security, and legal aspects of the posting.
  • It is also essential to establish the logistical aspects of the expatriation process, such as the expenses of the relocation of the posted worker, their family and belongings, home location, availability of vehicle and language courses.

Corporate expatriation handbook for relocation company

Without a doubt, as an initial step in your international expansion, our department will be able to help you establish an expatriation handbook that corresponds to each type of assignment, profile, and destination. Contact us.

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Producing a company expatriation handbook. Plan de expatriación