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International Taxation

International Tax Advisor

At GD Global Mobility we are experts in international taxation and we understand the importance of proper expat tax planning, which ensures the correct fulfilment of tax obligations and at the same time takes advantage of the different tools that legislation offers to fiscally optimize the displacement of workers in order to reduce costs.

International Taxation

If your company is in a process of internationalization and you wish to implement expatriation policies, we are your best travel companions. We can advise you on the different tax benefits that favour the internationalization of companies. Benefits that, when correctly applied, can have a very positive impact on the expatriate tax.

tax expats Prior expat tax planning helps to prevent risks. We can help you analyze:

  • Taxation of work income obtained abroad under Double Taxation Agreements (CDI).
  • How to prevent double taxation.
  • Tax incentives for expatriates.
  • Exemption from taxation of income obtained from work performed abroad (Article 7p).
  • The regime of exempt allowances due to the destination of workers abroad.
  • Effect of the status of permanent establishment in the country of destination.
  • Statement of “exit tax”.
  • Leave everything in the hands of our professional experts in international taxation of workers displaced abroad.

Contact us and we will answer all your questions concerning international tax.


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