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Remuneration Plan Optimization

Immigration attorney Spain to managing the compensation package for expats

At GD Global Mobility we can guide and advise you in the definition of compensation and benefits policies that make up the total compensation package of the employee assigned to an international destination, in an optimal and efficient way for your company. 

Remuneration Plan Optimization

During the process of expatriation, companies must design a remuneration package that adds other remunerations, in addition to fixed and variable remuneration, to compensate for the new costs that expatriation generates for professionals such as schooling, travel expenses, and the difference in the cost of living, in addition to housing assistance or moving costs.

Compensation package Aspects to consider for the “expatriation bonus”

To keep track of costs, the company needs to determine the amount of remuneration that has to be made with objective parameters. It is essential to be clear about the “how much and how” of the expatriation bonus, based on influencing parameters, such as:

  • the duration of the posting
  • family ties
  • geographical, linguistic, political, economic and health differences.

The objectives of these remuneration and benefits policies is to ensure that expatriate workers, in any of their modalities, as well as their families, are supported by common, consistent and competitive policies and practices that, in all cases, guarantee both their purchasing power and their safety, their comfort in the host country and the professional appeal of the international project assigned to them.

Contact whit our professional immigration and find out everything you need to know about expatriation policies and expatriate management.


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Spanish immigration attorney to managing expatriate compensation

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