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Remuneration Plan Optimization

Optimizing the expatriation remuneration plan is key, since it is most common that, in addition to fixed and variable remuneration, other remuneration is added to make expatriation more attractive (such as posting and education allowances, remuneration for travel expenses, remuneration for the difference in the cost of living, as well as housing aid or relocation expenses).

International compensation and benefits for expats

In order to keep track of the company’s costs, the company needs to be able to determine with objective parameters the amount of certain remuneration to be paid. It is essential to be clear about the “how and how much” of the expatriation allowance, i.e. based on influential parameters such as the length of the posting, family ties, geographical, linguistic, political, economic, and health differences, the danger of the destination, among others.

Optimizing the compensation plan

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optimización del plan de compensación - optimizing the compensation plan