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Spain, the destination chosen by many digital nomads


In recent years, trends such as the rise of teleworking and digitalization have led to the emergence of a new figure: the digital nomads, a “guild” of professionals who, due to the nature of their work, can conduct their activity remotely from anywhere in the world.

Many of these digital nomads choose to settle in cities that offer good quality of life, a pleasant climate and a powerful infrastructure that allows them to telework safely and in peace.

Specifically, Spain has several cities that, in addition to bringing these factors together, provide added value for digital nomads. We are talking about cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Madrid, Gran Canaria or Mallorca.

The Canary Islands, a paradise for digital nomads

To draw conclusions on the Spanish cities preferred by digital nomads, we turned to the Nomad List portal, the benchmark website for professionals seeking to work remotely while traveling the world.

When it comes to Spain, Gran Canaria is the first place digital nomads prefer for settling in (and the seventh favorite in the world). Cost of living, Internet quality, safety and income levels are some of the factors most highly rated by nomads who have settled in Gran Canaria.

Meanwhile, Tenerife ranks 26th overall (third in Spain) on the list provided by the Nomad Visa portal. Internet connection, how much fun the city is, income level and the quality of places for teleworking are some of the factors that rank Tenerife as one of the best 30 cities in the world for working remotely.

Barcelona and Madrid, always present for digital nomads

According to the Nomad List, Barcelona is the fifth best Spanish city for digital nomads. Its combination of history, culture and lifestyle have turned Barcelona into a hub for attracting digital nomads from all over the world.

The city has modern infrastructure as well as a wide range of shared workspaces ideal for remote working.

Furthermore, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, which means that you have plenty of options for spending your leisure time.

Madrid is another of the Spanish cities that has witnessed an increase in the number of digital nomads in recent years. The Spanish capital offers a wide variety of shared workspaces as well as a broad range of cultural and leisure options. It also has a strong public transport system, making it very easy to get around the city.

Specifically, Madrid is the ninth best Spanish city for digital nomads. Its Internet quality, security, low crime rate and income level are some of the highest-rated factors by nomads.

Mallorca and Menorca, fourth and seventh preferred place

Mallorca, one of several Spanish islands, has also become a favorite destination for many digital nomads in search of peace and quiet, relaxation, beaches, a warm climate and sunshine.

In fact, in the past few years Mallorca has emerged as a top destination for many digital nomads thanks to its large expat community.

For its part, digital nomads value Menorca for, among other factors:

  • Being a place with high income levels.
  • Having free Wi-Fi.
  • Welcoming foreigners.
  • Having a low crime rate.

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