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EU Blue Card: requirements and renewal


Are you a highly qualified professional (non-EU citizen) who wants to work in the Eurozone? Then you should know that the EU Blue Card might be an option for your situation.

What is the Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card, which was created in 2009 as a tool to attract foreign talent to the Eurozone, is a residence and work permit for highly qualified workers wishing to move the Europe for professional reasons.

The validity of the Blue Card will depend on the country where the professional works (from one to four years)

In this post, Dana Antolín, an expert in immigration and international mobility of workers at GD Global Mobility, explains the main requirements to be considered when obtaining this permit, and the possibility of it being refused.

Requirements for obtaining the EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is granted to foreign professionals who meet the following specific requirements:

1 - Qualifications that are equivalent to at least level 1 of the Spanish Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (corresponding to level 5A of the Spanish Framework for Continuing Professional Learning Qualifications) or knowledge, capabilities and skills endorsed by at least three years of professional experience that can be considered equivalent to said qualification.

2 – A contract of employment or a firm offer of a job requiring high qualifications for a minimum of six months, guaranteeing continued activity for the worker for the validity period of the EU Blue Card.

The contract of employment must meet the requirements of labor law and the corresponding collective agreement in each case. The gross annual salary may not be below a specific threshold (at least 1.0 times and at most 1.6 times the average annual gross salary)

Can the EU Blue Card be withdrawn or refused?

The EU Blue Card will be withdrawn or its renewal will be refused when the foreign national is no longer in possession of a valid contract of employment for a highly qualified job, and has accumulated a period of unemployment of more than three months, having been an EU Blue Card holder for at least two years, or has accumulated a period of unemployment of over six months, having been an EU Blue Card holder for at least two years.

The EU Blue Card will also be withdrawn if its holder has traveled to an EU Member State other than Spain and has obtained an EU Blue Card in that Member State.

In the event of the circumstances of the above paragraph, the interested party will be given a term of three months to look for a new job, or six months if the interested party has been an EU Blue Card holder for at least two years.

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