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EU Citizens

mobility solutions for companies and expat: eu citizens for obtain nie spain

Citizens of the European Union by nationality or affiliation who wish to take up residence in Spain for more than three months need to register with the EU police in order to obtain a NIE (green card). They need this to identify themselves and lead a normal life in Spain.

work permit visa for business and expatriates: relocation services

At GD Global Mobility, we help you with all the bureaucracy and to manage appointments to get your NIE. In addition, if you have lived in different countries, your tax situation and tax obligations will need to be analyzed.

internationalization business: international visas service for employee relocation

Our tax team will be able to help you review this situation and provide you with the best personalized information. Contact Us.

We help you with visas for multinational.
Ciudadanos de la UE - UE Citizens