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EU Certificate

At GD Global Mobility, experts in immigration and international mobility, we can manage the EU citizen registration certificate, the document that proves legal residence in Spain.

EU Certificate

Although all European citizens have the right to reside and move freely, there is also the duty to register if the stay in Spain is for a period exceeding 3 months.

global mobility How to obtain legal residence in Spain

First, registration in the Registry of Foreign Residents is mandatory to obtain an NIE (Foreign Resident Identification Number). This is a green document that certifies residence in Spain.

Do not confuse the NIE with the TIE (Foreign Resident Identification Card), a physical document that contains our identification data, the photo, the NIE number and the type of authorization for staying or residing in Spain.

Furthermore, you need to realize that having an NIE is not always the same as being a resident in Spain. In other words, applying for an NIE for economic, professional or social reasons does not give the same rights that Spanish residence does.

Brexit and the legal situation of British workers

Given the risks of Brexit, if you are a British citizen who works and resides in Spain or a company that has hired British workers, we offer specialized advice on your situation and how you should proceed if you wish to reside and work legally in Spain.

Contact us with no obligation in order to carry out the procedures you need.


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