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If your objective is to start a business or invest in an existing business in Spain, and you are not European, you will need to personally start the process of obtaining a work and residence permit. At GD Global Mobility Solutions, we help you with the whole process from a complete perspective that takes into account the best tax and legal solutions, in a personalized way.

Establishing a new business in Spain means bringing together multiple perspectives, from defining a business plan, to having an investment of more than 100,000 euros, and perspectives for job creation. At Global Mobility Solutions, we advise and manage all the legal procedures for company incorporation, taxation, local regulations, etc.

At GD Global Mobility, we are very aware of the concerns of new investors in Spain. Our first step is to learn about your objectives. Furthermore, a professional from our team who speaks your language and knows your culture will accompany you throughout the process.

GD Global Mobility: We help you with visas for multinational

In addition, you will have comprehensive coverage from a single source, since within Gesdocument we have the services you need to make your project a reality. And not only in the initial phase, but also for family management and future renovations. Contact us.


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