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Visas for Entrepreneurs and Foreign Business People

Entrepreneur visa Spain application

At GD Global Mobility we handle the processing of work permits for entrepreneurs and business people, which allows them to dedicate themselves exclusively to the planning of their business.

Visas for Entrepreneurs and Foreign Business People

If your goal is to start a business of your own, and you think it has special economic interest for Spain, you must carry out a series of procedures in order to legally reside and work here. 

Other matters you should know about this visa:

  • initial authorization: 2 years
  • renewal of authorization: 2 years

Entrepreneur visa Special features of the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa

The legislation does not require a minimum of investment or job creation. An individual analysis of each project is always carried out. Therefore, you must provide a business plan for your project that will allow the assessment of its economic interest for Spain.

We can advise you on the documentation that you must provide to the Administration, as well as on the requirements that you must meet and we can answer any questions you may have regarding this permit. For example, can my family come with me? The answer is yes; at any time a joint or successive application for authorization and/or visa can be made by:

  • A spouse or common-law partner.
  • Underage or adult children who depend economically on the holder.
  • Antecedents who are in charge of the holder.

In addition, you can benefit from the “family pack” that we offer which has significant savings in the case that you wish to bring a relative with you.

Contact us and tell us about your particular case so that we can create a service to suit you.

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Visas for Entrepreneurs