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Intra-Company Transfer

Mobility solutions for intra company transfers

If your company is a multinational enterprise, it is more than likely that at some point an expatriate will be posted to you. An expatriation process opens up a project in itself, in which three parties involved are connected, all with different expectations. In order for expatriation to be successful for everyone, the key is having a global and coordinated vision.

The residence and work permit in this case is based on maintaining the contract and social security in the country of origin, while the services are provided in Spain. A key issue to manage in this case is taxation, both for the employee and the company.

GD Global Mobility: We help you with visas for multinational

More than 300 dossiers successfully approved in recent years are proof of our expertise and knowledge in this type of management. Contact us.

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Traslado Intraempresarial