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Social Security Obligations for Expatriates

Receiving Social Security benefits abroad

GD Global Mobility has professionals with comprehensive experience of determining obligations concerning International Social Security for companies and workers, as well as establishing mechanisms to consolidate the future social benefits of staff posted abroad.

Social Security Obligations for Expatriates

When a worker is to be posted, certain questions are generated concerning the determination of obligations and future benefits. The wrong approach at this point may lead to damaging consequences for the company and the worker, both in the long and short term.

global mobility What should expatriates do with regards to Social Security?

It is important to determine with certainty the structure of the posting. The deadlines and coverage, best practices in cases of non-existence of a bilateral agreement, healthcare in the destination, contributions... these are some of the aspects that need to be considered in our expatriation projects.

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Social security benefits abroad

Social Security obligations for expats