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Analysis of Bilateral Agreements

It may be mistakenly believed that bilateral agreements at the European level are homogeneous because of the EU’s social security coordination regulation. This is not the case, as Spain has bilateral social security agreements with 23 different countries. Each of them includes different social coverage and establishes different methods for calculating benefits.

Bilateral Social Security Agreements

To successfully manage a posting, the benefits determined by the agreement must be properly determined, along with which aspects must be taken into account in order to ensure full coverage of the posted employees.

At GD Global Mobility, we can help you clearly determine the contingencies covered by the agreement; we can also calculate the total contribution periods in two or more jurisdictions to anticipate the number of benefits that the posted worker would receive; or determine the impact of the posting on their future benefits. All these aspects are important for the present and future safety of the worker.

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Análisis de Convenios bilaterales - analysis of bilateral agreements