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Payroll service in Spain

We are specialists in the preparation of Spanish payrolls when there are international aspects that must be taken into account. Our clients are both small and medium-sized companies in Spain.

GD Global Mobility carries out payroll management, processes social security payments and tax withholdings, draws up contracts, and applies social benefit plans for all company employees, executives, and expatriates, as well as evaluating and applying relevant grants and incentives from the Spanish authorities.

We have more than 30 years of experience in payroll management with a firm commitment to innovation and personalization of the process, which has led to more than 700 companies entrusting us with their management.

Our labor services in Spain are complemented by our proprietary digital platforms exclusively for the use of our clients. Our technical team has created two pieces of software under the supervision of our expert advisors in order to meet all the demands of your business.

With the Employee Portal Nómina PRO and the Human Resources Portal RRHH PRO, exclusive to our labor consultancy, you can manage all digital documentation centrally and anywhere in the world, thus achieving greater organization, communication, and savings in costs and time.

Get in touch with us and resolve all your doubts about payroll management services in Spain.

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