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Doing Business in Spain

With this guide, GD offers you first-hand details on the steps and procedures for entrepreneurs and investors looking to move to Spain.

7 Reasons to Invest in Spain

During the last few years, implementation of a series of major structural reforms has strengthened the competitiveness of the business climate, increasing flexibility in the job market and improving the conditions under which new companies and corporate groups can develop and grow in the market.

The tax burden in Spain is lower than the average for the EU-28 countries and for the eurozone. Costs and expenses related to business activities are deductible as long as they are properly recorded and justified. There are also some additional tax incentives for specific costs and expenses.

According to Invest in Spain, productivity in Spain has grown continually during the last 10 years, even faster than in other major European countries.

Thanks to current legislation, freedom of movement throughout Spanish territory is guaranteed, including movement for economic entities and for goods and services.

Spain is also a country that relies upon a model for sustainable economic growth, and it has also become a world leader in various fields in the energy sector.

  • 78% of all solar thermal energy projects are carried out by Spanish companies.
  • Spain is the #1 country in Europe for reuse of treated water sources and #2 in the world.
  • Spain is also a world leader in terms of its model for integrated waste management.

These are just a few of the reasons why Spain is a very attractive destination for investment, but there are many more...

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