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Accounting and reporting services in Spain

One of the obligations associated with having a company in Spain is accounting.

GD Global Mobility helps you by offering a complete accounting service according to the mandatory standards in Spain, as well as the legalization of the official books, and preparation and submission of the annual accounts (both mandatory submissions every year).

We are aware that differences in the system and language can make the process seem very complicated, but we are experts in accounting for companies with an international element, and we provide assistance to make the obligations and legalized data understandable.

At the same time, the company has periodic tax obligations and must submit several tax forms, usually every quarter and/or year.

Our English-speaking professionals can organize and manage all accounting and tax reports, centrally and for everyone. All tax forms that have been submitted on behalf of your company will appear in our online documentary repository, as well as the quarterly balance sheet, and profit and loss statements.

Among other things, our accounting assessment and tax preparation services include assistance in the following areas:

Accounting assessment and tax preparation services include:

  • Planning and implementation of accounting
  • Carrying out the complete accounting of the company based on the information exchanged with the client
  • Submission of the company's tax returns (link to the tax section), from indirect taxation (IVA) to direct taxation (Corporation Tax).
  • Legalization and preparation of official accounting books.
  • Formalization of value added tax (IVA) books (ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS/SELF-EMPLOYED)
  • We provide information to the client about the Spanish regulations for the preparation of their invoices, as well as general information on monitoring the company's expenses.
  • Management of communications with the central Tax Agency (we receive and process all notifications from the state tax authorities on behalf of the company).

Contact us and resolve all your doubts about accounting and reporting services in Spain.

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