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Online Tests to Obtain Spanish Nationality

Online Tests to Obtain Spanish Nationality

Taking Spanish nationality exams online is now possible, as shown in Royal Decree 1049/2020, of December 1, on modifying the Regulation through which the procedure for the acquisition of Spanish nationality by residence is regulated.

What tests must be taken to obtain Spanish nationality?

The Instituto Cervantes prepares and administers two essential requirements for obtaining Spanish nationality in certain cases:

  • the DELE Spanish diploma level A2 or higher and;

  • the CCSE test.

The current health crisis situation has highlighted the enormous need to adapt the administrative procedures of the CCSE and DELE exams for obtaining Spanish nationality. Specifically, these exams can now be done remotely, with sufficient and necessary security measures in place to be able to identify the candidate without calling into question the proper progress of the exam.

After the reform of the Regulation, the "possibility that the DELE and CCSE tests can also be administered remotely using electronic means in the cases and with the requirements determined by the Instituto Cervantes " is now expressly provided for. In this way, unnecessary administrative tasks may also be reduced.

However, it should not be forgotten that both tests are also still carried out face-to-face. The remote format using digital means is a possibility, not an imposition.

What is the CCSE test?

This is a test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain. This test, prepared by the Instituto Cervantes, assesses knowledge of the Constitution and of the social and cultural reality of Spain using a number of questions. Passing it is a requirement for the acquisition of nationality for residents in Spain:

  • it will consist of 60% of questions related to knowledge of the Constitution and the administrative and territorial organization of Spain;

  • the remaining 40% will be made up of questions related to Spanish culture, history and society.

What is the DELE test?

The DELE Spanish diplomas are official titles that certify mastery of the Spanish language. This exam is mandatory only for those candidates who are non-Spanish speaking and who want to acquire Spanish nationality. Specifically, they must pass the DELE level A2 or higher. This grade certifies the user's ability to:

  • understand and use everyday common expressions (information about themselves, about their family, etc.);
  • communicate habits and facts in a simple and direct way;
  • describe aspects of their environment and their past in simple terms;
  • answer questions related to their needs.

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Online Tests to Obtain Spanish Nationality

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