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Effective expat management: Mobility PRO

At GD Global Mobility, we know the difficulties of managing expatriates, especially if parallel supervision of all the active migratory processes in the organization is carried out. Different countries, different processes, different timings... missing a step for any of them can delay the whole process.

Our international mobility service includes MOBILITY PRO technology, which allows you to view the status of each file, see what the next step is, who is responsible for this action, and what the expected timing is, so that both employees and managers have all the status updates of the process in real time for seamless online communication.

Facilitates the management of the international mobility area  

Mobility PRO streamlines the workflow centrally,
so you can forget about the tedious tasks of data collection and follow-up by email.

Visibility and Control

Visibility and Control

Automatic online processing and control of submission dates.

Centralized Information

Centralized Information

 24/7 access to all data in one place for greater security and efficiency.



 Portal accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, pc).

Mobility PRO automates communications between the employee, GD Global Mobility, and the company, thus further reducing the involvement of HR in routine immigration management processes. 

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