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Visas for the USA

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The USA is a major work destination. The difficulties in posting a worker are very significant if the procedure is not planned in a fast and clear way.

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There are up to 185 different types of visas in the United States, with many differences between them in terms of procedure and documentation. This can make the process very confusing. When determining which type of visa to apply for, the following points in particular should be taken into account:

  • Does it concern a new hire in the United States or is the worker already employed by the group?
  • Is there a relationship between the current company and the target company in the United States?
  • What is the position of the worker?
  • Do they have a university degree?

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Once these points have been analyzed, we will be able to appropriately plan the process.

Our approach to American immigration management is based on three strategic points: we have collaborating lawyers in the USA; our team is made up of US citizens; and we have experience of more than ten years in these processes. These three factors help us to provide a suitable solution to each case.

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