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US Visa for Expatriate Workers

Work visa USA for expatriate

At GD Global Mobility we can help you get your visa for the US as our approach to the American immigration administration is supported by two strategic factors:

US Visa for Expatriate Workers

  • We have an American immigration lawyer in our team, a member of the Florida BAR Association.
  • Our experience of more than ten years in these processes allows us to offer appropriate solutions according to each particular case.  

The US, one of the main destinations for work

The United States is one of the main professional destinations for expatriates. Immigration legislation, however, is extremely complex (there are up to 185 different types of visas) and very restrictive, so you need to plan the trip well in advance.

global mobility What to consider when applying for a visa to work in the US:

  • Is it a new hiring in the United States or is it an employee already in the group?
  • Is there a relationship between the current company and the host company in the United States?
  • What position does the worker have?
  • Do they have a university degree?

Once these points have been analyzed, we can undertake a proper planning of the process.

Contact us and we will clear up any doubts you may have.


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