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Visas for India

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Many Spanish companies have business interests in India. That is why we have specialized in visas for this country. The fundamental key is to be familiar with the application of each type of visa, and the additional obligations it entails.

business visa and work permits for expatriates

When formalizing a posting to India, the most strategic step is not obtaining the visa, but properly planning the tax and social security obligations that accurately determine the corporate costs.

international work permits or indian visa for the internationalization

The lack, for the time being, of an international convention on social security means that contributions have to be made at the destination in any case. On the tax side, the existence of an agreement therefore makes it necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the obligations of the company and the employee on the basis of the functions to be analyzed.

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We have a wealth of experience in tax optimization, which we can put at your service. Contact Us.

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