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India Work Visa

At GD Global Mobility we are specialized in the processing of visas for working in India, since many companies have business interests there. The fundamental key is to be familiar with the application for each type of visa and any additional obligations that it entails, especially those related to taxation.

India Work Visa

Companies can hire foreign workers without any salary restrictions, but there are some preconditions that must be met. The main requirement for hiring foreigners is to be registered in the Provident Fund Organization.

India work visa requirements There are three types of visa for workers going to India:

  • Indian work visa for the purposes of carrying out a project.
  • Indian work visa for the purposes of being hired by an Indian company.
  • Indian work visa for the purposes of volunteer work.

Requirements when applying for a work permit for India

The applicant must be a qualified professional hired for a high level job (technical expert, executive, etc.). The visa must be issued from the country of origin or from the country of residence of the foreigner.

Visas are not granted for jobs that may be performed by residents of India or for administrative duties.

In addition, our EuRA membership facilitates the management of the entire process since we have a local expert at the destination, offering you a 2x 360° service that will help during the whole process of obtaining the visa. 

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