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Visas for China

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Western businesses are always looking towards China. That is why many visas are issued, although few are successful. The explanation of these results is best understood if we bear in mind that China is a country proud of its past, with a very traditional culture focused on individual relations and respect. A culture that influences both social life and the world of work. Combining this culture with the control held by the central state makes every project a challenge.

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Other fundamental aspects are the proper management of contribution matters, since China does not have a bilateral social security agreement. This is in addition to the tax obligations arising from the posting.

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The key to managing a successful migration process in China is building a relationship of trust with the local culture. For this reason we have native professionals in our team, who organize the postings and build trusting relationships with our partners in China.

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We can be of assistance in your expansion process to China. Contact us now to start planning.

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