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Chinese Work Visa

Obtaining China work visa

At GD Global Mobility, we can process your work visa for China thanks to our international network of local experts. 

Chinese Work Visa

The key to managing a successful migration process in China is to build a relationship of trust with the local culture. 

China, the economic giant

China has become the world's second largest economic power in the last few years, and continues to grow at a rate unparalleled in the West. Consequently, the number of visas for this country has increased in recent years. 

global mobility New procedures for Chinese Visa applications

For some years, China has simplified and streamlined the procedures for applying for a Chinese work permit, as it wishes to attract foreign talent. As such it has applied a unified system of work permits since 2017 and a classification system based on the qualifications of the worker:

  • A (superior talent: researchers, graduates of the best universities)
  • B (professional talent) 
  • C (unskilled / seasonal workers).

All these aspects, together with our experience and cultural approach, allow us to decisively advise on visas from beginning to success. If you are thinking of expanding your business to China, do not hesitate to contact us to start planning.

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Applying for Chinese work visa

Getting a Chinese work visa