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Processing of the Residence Permit in Spain for Investment

At GD Global Mobility we are experts in processing residence permits for investors. Unlike other residence permits, this one does not require effective residence in Spain because it allows its holder to choose between actually residing in Spain and becoming a tax resident, or using the residence permit as a mere multiple entry visa. At the same time it gives the holder the right to work as an employee, to be self-employed and to hire third parties, if necessary.

Residence Permit in Spain for Investment

Requirements for residence visas for real estate investments

Foreigners who make a significant capital investment can obtain a residence authorization for investors with the most popular being for real estate investment.

  • Acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment of value equal to or greater than 500,000 euros, free of taxes and charges (most common supposition).
  • 1 million euros in shares or participation in capital companies with real business activity.
  • 1 million euros in investment funds, closed-end investment funds or venture capital funds established in Spain.
  • 1 million euros in bank deposits. The applicant must be the sole holder of the bank deposit.
  • 2 million euros in Spanish public debt. The applicant must be the sole owner of the investment for a period equal to or greater than 5 years.

global mobility Residence permit for family members

Another important feature of this authorization is that it allows for joint or subsequent processing for family members, and there is no requirement to wait 1 year as happens with the other family residence permits. Even children of legal age and antecedents can apply for residence with, respectively, proof of economic dependence on the holder or of being in charge of the holder.  

The Administration has also recently determined that if a group of people acquires a single property and each one pays out at least €500,000 for the acquisition, free of charges, then each will have the right to obtain their own investor visa, which may also be extended to their relatives as dependents.
We are experts in this area. Contact us with no obligation in order to obtain your residence permit in Spain through an investment.


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Spain residency by investment

Processing of Residence Permits for Investors in Spain