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Advice for Foreign Real Estate Investors

At GD Global Mobility we can advise you on the Spanish real estate market in order to opt for a residence visa for investors. 

Advice for Foreign Real Estate Investors

Spain citizenship by investment

One change in Law 14/2013, on entrepreneurship, was the introduction of the “Golden Visa” that allows any non-EU citizen who invests an amount of at least €500,000 in real estate in Spain, free of charges or taxes, to apply for a visa or residence permit valid for two years and renewable for successive periods of 5 years.

Although the real estate market in Spain has regained its appeal, before proceeding with an investment it is essential to clearly determine its profitability, whether it is to obtain a capital gain linked to a subsequent sale, or it is a long-term investment for profitability through renting.

In this sense, the monitoring of the rental market in each specific area allows for the determining of said profitability. For this, it is essential to have the advice of real estate professionals free of commitments with real estate agents and other brokers in the sector.

Spain residence permit We offer you comprehensive management of these investments:

  • Locating the product where the investment will be made.
  • Analysis of the tax impact of the investment.
  • Due diligence on the product, making the investment safer.
  • Legal and procedural cover, contract management and registration of new owners.
  • Processing of the consular visa and/or residence permit as an investor, personally accompanying the interested party throughout the process.
  • Compliance with tax and fiscal obligations related to the investment.

Contact us and find out about our service with no obligation. We have more than 15 years experience of advising on real estate investments.


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