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Analysis of Bilateral Agreements to Avoid Double Taxation

International taxation is a specific branch of taxation where there is an interaction between two or more international systems. In this regard, it is essential to refer to the international standard. International conventions on the avoidance of double taxation aim to avoid the undesirable effects of double taxation arising from the hypotheses of double tax residence under the unilateral rules of the countries concerned.

Expat double taxation: avoiding double taxation

In particular, correct knowledge and application of these agreements is key to mitigating any possible conflict of duality or conflicts of tax residence, and to ensure tax optimization in the posting.

Our department specializes in analyzing these agreements, ensuring the optimization of taxation, both at origin and at destination. It aims to avoid double taxation at the employee’s main office, thus guaranteeing tax and legal compliance with the tax authorities in the country concerned. We will certainly help you achieve these objectives.

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Análisis de convenios bilaterales para evitar la doble imposición - analysis of bilateral agreements for avoiding double taxation