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Setting up a business in Spain

If you want to create a company in Spain, GD Global Mobility is the solution.

GD Global Mobility guides you through the process and offers you our experience adapted to your business, providing services and assistance to cover all aspects of creating a business, among others:

Company formation in Spain

  • Size of the company (share capital and other forms of contribution)
  • Number of shareholders (natural or legal persons)
  • Purpose of the business (preparation of statutes based on customer needs)
  • Costs and associated taxes (detailed budget of the necessary disbursements to made)
  • Calendar of obligations (comprehensive summary of the tax deadlines)

In addition, our 360° service takes care of the entire process from start to finish with our tax and commercial experts.

We cover all your needs for creating a representative office, a branch, or subsidiary.

Focused on the client, our company incorporation service in Spain specifically includes the following:

Steps necessary to establish a company in Spain:

  • Application for and obtainment of all the required official Spanish documents (NIECIF, PoA).
  • Application for "Not in Use Certification" for the name – Certificate issued by the central registry that indicates that the name suggested by the client is not in use and can be used as the legal name of the company.
  • Preparation of all notarial documents for the incorporation (statutes and deeds).
  • Personal assistance with the Public Notary to sign the Deed of Incorporation.
  • Completion of forms for the payment of taxes associated with the incorporation (Tax on Corporate Operations).
  • Registration of the company in the Mercantile Registry, application for electronic signature of the company, and registration with the tax authorities and social security.

GD Global Mobility helps companies and individuals to establish themselves in Spain, offering assistance in the creation of companies and support in all those day-to-day duties related to them (accounting, tax, labor, and commercial services).

Get in touch with us and resolve all your doubts about setting up a company in Spain.

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