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Work Permit for Students in Spain

Work Permit for Students in Spain

Permit for Study Stay in Spain

The permit for study stay enables nationals of third-party countries to stay in Spain for a period of more than ninety days to undertake studies at an authorized teaching center in our country, in a full-time program, with the objective of obtaining a degree or certificate of studies.

The main activity of this permit must be, in these cases, studying, so as a general rule the student will not be able to work or carry out internship using the permit for study stay without previously obtaining a work permit linked to that authorization for study, with the sole exception of cases of curricular internship, in which the student will be allowed to combine studies with internships when these are part of the mandatory training program to be developed within the framework of an internship agreement.

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Work Permit for Students in Spain

Those who are interested in working while studying may choose to apply for either a work permit for students, or a residence permit for internships.

Regarding the work permit for students, the following requirements must be taken into account:

  • work activities must be compatible with studying, and therefore their schedules may not overlap;
  • the income obtained should not be a necessary resource for support or stay;
  • the contract must be formalized in writing and be part-time or, in the event of being full-time, it must not exceed three months or coincide with periods of study;
  • the maximum duration of this permit will coincide with the validity of the permit for study stay.

Residence Permit for Internships in Spain

On the other hand, the residence permit for internships allows extra-curricular internships as well as the signing of a work contract for professional internships in the case of people who have a higher education degree, which they have obtained within two years prior to the application.

In this modality, the signing of the internship agreement (in the case of extra-curricular internships) or the internship contract (employment relationship) must also be taken into account, and which must include both theoretical and practical training. In the same way, the scope of the internship needs to be carried out in the same academic field and at the same level of qualification as the higher education degree or the higher education study program that is being studied.

The duration of this permit for internships will depend on the link between the person and the organization, with the options being:

  • by agreement with the host organization, the duration will for months or equal to the duration of the agreement, if this is less. It is possible to renew this residence permit only once, and the total period cannot exceed one year (the initial period plus its extension);
  • by means of an internship contract, the duration will be as provided for in the contract in accordance with the applicable labor legislation at all times (and it may not be less than six months or more than two years).

Work Permit for Students in Spain

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