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Spanish Golden Visa FAQ's

Spanish Golden Visa FAQ's

One of the easiest ways to obtain Spanish residency is through the Visa Gold Program. This permit grants investor NON-EU nationals to obtain the Spanish residence for a year (more the opportunity to renew this business visas to prolong the stay).

Tax Obligations of a Non-Resident in Spain

What is a Spanish Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is a new type of visas, established by Law 14/2013 of 27 September, is intended for non-resident foreigners who wish to enter the territory of Spain to carry out the significant capital investment.

Which are the types of Golden Visa in Spain?

The law distinguishes two large groups. The capital investment (public debt, social shares Spanish company, bank deposits in the Spanish financial entities and through the acquisition of real estate assets) and other types of investment (establishment of a public interest company, high-quality professionals and transactions within the same company).

Who can apply for the golden visa program?

Investors who make significant investments in Spain:

  • Real estate assets (€500,000)
  • Shares or bank deposits (€1 million)
  • Public debt (€2 million)
  • Business projects in Spain considered being of general interest.

Can I keep my fiscal residence out of Spain?

The answer is yes. The permit holder will be able to maintain their fiscal residence out of Spain, during their stay in our country for less than 183 days per year. Furthermore, a residence permit can be extended even in the case that it is absent for more than six months per year.

How long can I stay in Spain with my Golden Visa?

The residence visa for investors authorized to stay in Spain is for one year. After this period expires, the authorization may be required to stay for two years, extendable for another five years if you are proved maintenance investments.


Does the Visa Gold allow me to work?

The Golden Visa authorizes to live and work in Spain. This results from the fourth additional provision of the Act, which establishes a single permit application procedure allowing live and work in Spain.

Who is considered a family member with the effects of the visa application of the investor?

Spouses, children under 18 or children of legal age who are unable to support themselves because of their health status will be considered family members.

Can I buy more than one property?

Reference of property assets made by law not only means a property, and not just one type of property. In all cases, the investment must be made before applying for the visa.

If you are interested in investing in Spain and obtaining the Spanish residence authorization, we can manage your Golden Visa Spain


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