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Restrictions on flights from Spain

Restrictions on flights from Spain during the Coronavirus

Last March both Spain and the rest of the EU countries agreed to apply a temporary restriction to journeys that are essential and that are made from third countries through ports and airports to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID19). This measure does not apply to residents of the European Union who travel to their place of residence, nor will it affect Spaniards who wish to return to Spain, nor cross-border workers, among other circumstances.

Temporary border restrictions are measures that other countries around the world are also applying in order to reduce the number of infections, especially by citizens from the most affected countries, such as Spain.

Which countries prohibit the entry of citizens from Spain during Coronavirus?

Currently, the map of restrictions on the travel of citizens from Spain, published by the Government on April 29, is as follows:

 Restrictions on flights from Spain

Three types of restrictions can be identified:

  1. Countries that have established some kind of ban on the entry of people from Spain or have suspended air and/or sea communications are in red;

  2. Countries that are imposing a quarantine on people who travel from Spain are in orange: Azerbaijan, Benin, Ethiopia, Iceland, the Cook Islands, Mozambique, Nauru, Holland, Papua New Guinea and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  3. Countries that are proposing another type of measure in case of travel such as Belarus, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Turkmenistan are in yellow.

In the case of Italy, in addition to isolation, they require complete travel information and contact with the local health authority upon arrival.

At the moment, the great majority of countries have banned the arrival of flights from Spain. Airlines, aware of the current situation caused by the coronavirus, are exchanging bookings for vouchers, which are valid for one year.

The measures imposed by these countries, as well as those in Spain and the EU, may be extended beyond April. This data is updated regularly with information received by the Foreign Ministry.

We recommend that before travelling you check if your destination is affected and, where appropriate, request cancellation or exchange of the affected flight.

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