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Minimum Salary for Highly Qualified Professionals | Spain

Minimum Salary Highly Qualified Professionals spain

When it comes to processing a work permit for highly qualified professionals, the job in question must meet a minimum salary. The “high qualification” that these workers must possess requires that they have a high salary, in accordance with their profiles (usually directors, managers, or highly qualified technical personnel). In Social Security, these contracts will have a professional qualification corresponding to group 1 or 2.

The salary of a highly qualified worker | Spain

Remuneration is one of the fundamental elements that the Large Companies Unit (UGE) takes into account when resolving this type of application.

Despite the fact that the Entrepreneurs Law does not establish a minimum salary amount, the UGE has provided various criteria on the minimum salary amount for highly qualified professionals.

Specifically, it will check that the salary specified in the employment contract or the firm offer of employment is at least the average annual salary by occupational groups, taking data from the National Institute of Statistics:

Groups 1 and 2 CON-11

Average annual salary

Managers and directors


Other scientific and intellectual technicians and professionals



* For the calculation of the amounts indicated, the variable part of the remuneration will not be included.

However, a reduction of 0.75% can be applied to the amounts indicated in two cases:

  1. Applications from SMEs belonging to a sector considered strategic and accredited through a favorable report by the General Directorate of International Trade and Investments provided for in Law 14/2013, of September 27.
  2. Applications from highly qualified professionals up to 30 years old.

As we can see, salary is one of the key points in managing a work permit for a highly qualified professional.

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Minimum Salary for Highly Qualified Professionals | Spain

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