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Fourteen-day quarantine for anyone entering Spain

Fourteen-day quarantine for anyone entering Spain

In addition to the closure of internal borders during the de-escalation and while the State of Emergency lasts, another new mandate is the obligatory fourteen-day quarantine for anyone arriving in Spain from another country, published on May 12.

Fourteen-day quarantine for anyone entering Spain

The measures will take effect from 00:00 on May 15, 2020, and will remain effective for the duration of the State of Emergency and its possible extensions.

Quarantine for fourteen days after arrival

During the fourteen days of quarantine, people who have arrived in Spain from another country must remain in their home or accommodation; they may only travel to carry out these activities:

  • Buy food, products from a pharmacy and basic necessities
  • Attend health centers, services and establishments
  • For reasons of force majeure or extreme necessity

In a ministerial order published on Saturday, May 23, it was established that those who carry out essential activities may also leave their homes (despite being in quarantine).

All movements made by the person declared to be in quarantine must be carried out with a mask and in compliance with hygiene and/or prevention of virus transmission measures.

Monitoring of people in quarantine by health officials

The health services can contact persons who are in quarantine at any time to guarantee the correct monitoring of the protocol.

In any case, if symptoms related to COVID-19 appear (fever, cough, respiratory distress, etc.), quarantined persons should immediately contact the health services using the respective telephone numbers provided by each Autonomous Community. The affected person must indicate in that call that they are in quarantine because they have come from abroad.

What are the exceptions to these measures?

These quarantine measures will not apply to these groups of people as long as they have not been in contact with people diagnosed as having COVID-19:

  • Cross-border workers

  • Carriers and crews

  • Health professionals going to work

Travel agencies must inform travelers

Travel agencies, tour operators and transport companies are obliged to inform travelers of all these measures at the time of purchasing tickets that have Spanish territory as the destination. In the case of traveling to Spain by plane, the traveler must fill out a passenger location form, which will be delivered at the border and will serve so that the authorities know at all times where they are staying in order to be able to contact them.


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