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Family reunification in Spain

Family reunification in Spain

What is family reunification in Spain?

This is a temporary residence authorization that can be granted to relatives of foreigners residing in Spain. The request will be made by the reunifying party, that is, the family member who has legal residence in Spain. To do this, they must have resided in Spain for a minimum period of one year and have a permit to reside in the country for at least one more year. In addition to this requirement for granting reunification, the resident in Spain must have adequate housing and sufficient financial means.

Who can be reunified in Spain?

In general, the family members that can be reunified are:

  1. Spouse or person with whom the reunifying party maintains an analogous emotional relationship.

  2. Children of the reunifying party or of the spouse or partner. This group includes minors, and adopted or disabled children provided they are not married. If this is a child or children of one of the two members of the couple, it must be proven that they have custody or that they alone exercise parental authority with regards to the children.

  3. First-degree ancestors of the reunifying party or his or her spouse. That is, the father or mother of one of the family members. For this reunification to take place, it is essential to prove that the relative has been the responsibility of the reunifying party or their partner while they have resided in Spain.

How is it applied for?

The reunifying party must attend the Immigration Office in the province where they reside and provide the necessary documentation to request reunification with the relative. The Administration must answer within 45 days. If it does not reply, the application will be understood to have been dismissed due to administrative silence. If the request is accepted, the relative must personally request a visa at the diplomatic mission or consular office in the country where they reside within two months of the notification.

The consulate will have a period of two months to respond to the request. Once the visa has been granted, the relative must collect it personally within two months of the date of notification.

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After the visa… Entry into Spain

The relative must enter Spanish territory within the validity period of the visa, which shall not exceed three months. Once in Spain, and within a month of entering, the relative must apply for the Foreigner's Identity Card (TIE) at the Immigration Office or Police Station of the province where the authorization was processed.

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Family reunification in Spain

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