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Entry into Spain of Unregistered Partners of EU Citizens

Entry into Spain of Unregistered Partners of EU Citizens

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation has published information brochures on the procedure for the entry into Spain of unregistered partners of EU citizens during the time of COVID.

A foreign person who wishes to enter Spain to visit or reside with their partner will have the option of going to the corresponding Consular Office and submitting documentary proof that the relationship is stable and lasting, similar to a common-law couple:



Once the documentation has been submitted and provided that the assessment is positive, having obtained the approval of the Ministry of the Interior, the Consular Office will issue a certificate of support so that the foreign person can submit it to the airline with which they are going to travel. However, the final decision on compliance with requirements will be made by the immigration authorities at the point of entry control.

What documentation can I submit?

The documentation to which the Ministry of the Interior makes reference is a non-exhaustive list that we include below:

1. Proof that the foreign person is traveling with the EU member or to meet them: joint plane tickets, minutes of acts before an EU notary, etc.


2. Proof that the relationship is stable and lasting (non-exhaustive and non-exclusive list of documents):

  • documents from local authorities from which the existence of the lasting relationship can be inferred (certified or legalized);
  • documents from Spanish authorities or organizations: proof of prior appointment to marry in Spain, entry in the registry, etc;
  • joint rental contracts, joint ownership of bank accounts, joint invoices, ownership of common property, invitations to family events such as weddings, etc.


Furthermore, the Government of Spain has published COVID-19 prevention measures for anyone who wants to travel to Spain. More information can be found in the post: Sanitary and Document Controls When Entering Spain. In summary, a Health Control Form must be filled in at most 48 hours before the flight. Once this form has been sent, the foreign person will receive an email with a QR code that will allow them to enter the destination airport. This must be taken with them on paper or on their mobile phone. ​ At the airport, the QR code must be shown and scanned at the health control for entry to the terminal and the collection of luggage.

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Entry into Spain of Unregistered Partners of EU Citizens

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