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Documentation for the Permit for Highly Qualified Professionals

Documentation Permit Highly Qualified Professionals Spain

The application for the permit for highly qualified professionals should be accompanied by specific documentation that must be prepared by both the contracting company and the interested party/worker who wants to obtain this permit.

Documents to apply for the Highly Skilled Visa | Spain

In general, the applicant must provide:

  • Documentation that certifies that they are of legal age and that they come from a country outside the European Union.
  • The applicant's criminal record certificate from the country or countries where they have resided for the previous five years.
  • curriculum vitae that reflects the jobs in which they have worked prior to applying for the work permit, as well as the functions they have performed.
  • description that details the work that they are going to carry out and the responsibilities that they will have in the company that is going to hire them in Spain. This point is important in order to demonstrate that the job and its functions are considered highly qualified.
  • If they are available, the applicant's university or master's degrees.
  • Documentation that proves that they have sufficient funds to stay in Spain.
  • Documentation certifying who the contracting company
  • The company must stipulate the specific profile of the job in order to demonstrate that it is indeed a highly qualified position.
  • The company must also provide a copy of the employment contract identifying both parties (worker/company).
  • Document that certifies the payment of the corresponding fees.

These are the general documents that must be provided in order to obtain the permit for a highly qualified worker. However, depending on each situation, it may be necessary to provide additional documentation.

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Documentation for the Permit for Highly Qualified Professionals

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